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King Tuttle's Vote is the 4th episode of season 2 and the 17th episode of the series overall.


Babar retails about the time he was trying to pass a bill to stop lake pollution but things get out of hand when King Tuttle, the last person who needs to vote, is kidnapped by Rataxes, who wants him to vote against it.


While sailing out on Celesteville lake, the children are admiring how incredible the lake looks. Babar tells his children that it wasn't always like that. At one point, the river was actually very filthy, due to pollution.

When Babar was a young king, Rataxes had been dumping the Rhinoland garbage into the lake for years, by the time Celesteville found out what was happening, the water was too dirty to even drink. Babar asked all the kingdoms to vote for the anti-pollution act, after the act goes into effect, no one could dump trash in the lake again. To keep Celesteville from getting even more polluted, Celeste is put in charge of keeping things clean. Babar picked her because when she is assigned a task, nothing can stop her. Babar and Cornelius are pleased with Celeste's progress, Pompadour on the other hand, does not agree with her methods saying that she is supposed to fill out a daily report. Babar assures Pompadour, she is the best one for this job because of her dedication.

At the palace, they are gathered for a meeting, Celeste asks how the votes for the anti-pollution act are coming along. The results so far are 50% for and 50% against, Rataxes had forced half of the voters. King Tuttle has not cast his vote yet, and if they get his vote, it would break the tie and the act would go into effect. However, in order to get the Turtle King's vote, they also have to woo his wife as well, since she has been known to have a cold shell. They decide to throw a party to impress her and that would help. Meanwhile in Rhinoland, Lord Rataxes has heard the news saying that Babar is going to meet with the Turtle King and is angry. He knows that Babar will have Tuttle vote against the bill, after that they won't be able to pollute the lake anymore.

Babar tells Celeste what a great job she is doing. Suddenly Pompadour and Cornelius tell Babar the Tortoises have arrived way ahead of schedule. Celeste said that she sent for them, they need the vote right away. Pompadour is furious at Celeste, saying that she ignored protocol. They both have a disagreement, and eventually he tells Babar that either she leaves or he does. Babar says this isn't the time for this, but Celeste fed up with her ideas getting put down, up and leaves, which suits Pompadour perfectly.

At the meeting with the Tortoises, the king is about to cast his vote but the queen wants to first discuss the matter with Celeste, which surprises Pompadour, she says that she wants to hear her thoughts. Pompadour makes an excuse for her, the queen says that she will wait until Celeste is available then they will decide. After the turtle's leave, Babar glares at him and wants him to convince Celeste, since he was the one that told her off, and Babar is going to watch and can't wait to see this. Apologizing to Celeste was very difficult for Pompadour and even though he handles the situation very gracefully poise-fully and dignified, he ends up crawling on his knees and holding onto her leg, he was very persuasive. Queen Tuttle decides to speed things up, meanwhile Lord Rataxes is about to kidnap King Tuttle, but Basil has that taken care of saying that he has a written invitation so they are in the clear to take him and persuade him to vote for pollution.

The next morning, they have found out that King Tuttle is gone, Pompadour is very upset about this and how they will break the news to the Queen. Celeste says that she must know the truth, that he is gone, they are husband and wife after all. When she arrives, they welcome her and Babar breaks the news to her. The Queen tells them to sound the alarm, however the guards accidentally sound the fire alarm. The fire department arrives asking where the fire is, but Babar says that they need to find King Tuttle, but the fire department will only jump into action if there's a fire.

Meanwhile in Rhinoland, King Tuttle is playing croquet and Rataxes and Basil are trying to convince him to sign the bill for pollution however, it does not work as the King either won't mix pleasure with business or he falls asleep, this is starting to frustrate Rataxes very much.

Celeste explains why they need to stop dumping Garbage in the lake, the Queen supports this and says that Babar picked the right person for the job. Babar comes in and says that they found a clue, a Rhino cufflink, and it is no mystery who took him. The Queen orders Babar too send his troops to Rhinoland, but Babar tells her that would be too risky, he and Celeste will get him themselves, she gives them an hour, if they return without him, they will not vote. Celeste and Babar try to slip in unnoticed to rescue him, it didn't go according to plan. Babar and Celeste are thrown into King Tuttle's cell, Babar tells Rataxes he can't lock them up and keep them. Basil informs Babar, since they are in Rhinoland, Rataxes has every right to lock up both kings. Either Babar will have Tuttle vote for pollution or they will stay locked up forever. Babar tries to bust them out but it doesn't work. Celeste notices a fire alarm, Babar wonders if that will really work, it does. Thanks to the Fire Dept. they escape with King Tuttle and get out. The Fire Truck comes in time but Rataxes and Basil fall into the trash.

After Tuttle and his wife are united, they almost leave but they remind the king and queen about the vote. While the Queen is angry at first that they broke the rules she gladly gives them the vote. She tells Babar he is a wonderful king and well on his way.

From that day on, the lake has been cleaner than ever. When they arrive at the pier, Flora sees a rhino throwing a candy bar into the lake and tells him to pick it up. Babar and Celeste wonder where she gets her spirit from, they pretend not to know.



  • This is one of the few Babar episodes written by 3 people
  • Pollution, which was an issue at the time, is addressed in this episode.
  • Celeste and Pompadour see differently on how things must get done.
  • This is the first time Pompadour shows his soft side, when he apologizes/begs to Celeste.
  • The episode marks the first major appearance of the Celesteville Fire Department.
  • This episode received a rating of 5.5, making it the lowest rated episode of the series, until the 6th season anyway, even though it got an average rating.
  • This episode shows how adhered Pompadour is on the rules.
  • From this episode and the rest of Season 2, young Babar's voice is slightly deeper.


  • There are two plot-holes that don't match the storyline in Babar's Triumph:
    • King Tuttle is young in Season 1 yet in this episode, he is very elderly
    • Rataxes mentioned back in Season one that he was throwing garbage into the lake, yet in this episode Babar didn't realize it until later on.
  • When Babar tells the fire department to search the city, the Queen's dress is blue instead of red.
  • If Celeste sounded the Rhinoland fire alarm, the rhino fire department would have showed up not the Celesteville fire department.
  • Twice when Pompadour is walking back and forth trying to speak with Celeste, his monocle is missing.
  • When the fire department breaks down the bar door, it’s as if it was never locked in the first place.