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Special Delivery is the 1st episode of season 3 and the 27th episode overall


Babar and Celeste remember when Isabelle first came home.


All three of the siblings want to play with Isabelle, seeing the children wanting to play with their sister, Babar and Celeste remember when Isabelle first came home.

Celeste went into labor in the middle of the night and they rush off to the hospital. While their parents are away the triplets start to talk about what the baby will be like or if the baby is a boy or girl. Suddenly Flora hears a sound coming from her old room, Cornelius is building the baby's crib for the new room. Pompadour tells Cornelius and the children that Babar, Celeste and the new baby are home. It is a baby girl named Isabelle, Flora is thrilled to have a sister but the boys were hoping for a brother, Pompadour comes to take a family picture.

Soon after, all 3 siblings want to care for her. But they all end up waking her, so they all get into trouble. Then they think that Celeste and Babar stopped caring for them, as Babar becomes very busy with the baby and isn't able to play with the triplets. Both Pom and Alexander are fed up with this and decide to find Isabelle a new home. Flora thinks that Babar and Celeste only care about Isabelle now, she gets revenge by sending away the diapers they ordered. She soon makes a ruckus on the piano, Celeste comes in and asks where the diapers are and Flora tells her parents what she did and her Father scolds her. Hurt and sad, Flora packs her bag and leaves her new room, declaring she is never coming back.

Outside, Flora changes her mind about leaving the palace and her brothers make a for sale sign for the baby. Flora then wants to make them sorry, so she hides in the attic. She hears her brothers trying to find someone who wants a baby. Babar comes in and asks the boys if they've seen Flora. They say that she might have a stomach ache and he should go see. Suddenly Isabelle starts crying and Babar goes to check on her, Flora says that Isabelle is all they think about and starts to cry. Outside a storm is coming and Pom and Alexander want to see Flora all scared, since nothing scares Flora more than a thunderstorm. When they come into her room and see her not there, they realize she has run away, meanwhile, items in the attic, start to scare Flora. Even Isabelle is terrified of the storm, Celeste says that Isabelle is just like Flora. Cornelius tells them that this is a storm to be scared of, Babar says he'll see if Flora is all right.

When Babar and Celeste find out from the boys that she is missing, Babar goes outside to look for her while Celeste and Cornelius take care of the baby. Soon, Pom tells Alexander that he knows Flora would never just up and leave and that she is just in the palace, soon he and Alexander find her in the attic. Pom tells Flora that he understands why she tried to run away, but that won't help, and that everyone is worried sick about her. Then, Flora realizes that they actually still care for her, so she goes to apologize to her mother, who hugs her. When Babar comes home, he also hugs her and Celeste asks Flora if she would have a word with them before she goes back to the attic. Babar asks why she is living in the attic and what's wrong with her room. Flora says that Isabelle has her room and that it's not next her parents. Babar assures her that they still love her and that her sister reminds them very much of Flora when she was a baby, and that both he and Celeste also miss their time with her and the boys. Babar even says he misses their story time and the boys come into the room and join them on the couch. Babar starts to sneeze from being out in the storm, so Flora promises become friends and take great care of Isabelle until he's better.

At the end of the Flashback, the children are still disagreeing over who is going to play with Isabelle. She manages to sneak under and wants to watch them.



The Palace, this is the one place where the entire episode takes place.


  • From this episode onward Pom, Flora, and Alexander are voiced by different actors, they would keep these voices until the final episode of season 5
  • In this episode, this is the first time Pom has a white collared shirt rather than a t-shirt and black shoes and Alexander's shirt sleeves have blue linings.
  • This is also the first episode where Isabelle is shown as a young girl.
  • This was the first episode to air in the 90s
  • This is a bottle episode, the only place that the episode takes place in is the palace.
  • Flora causes so much trouble even after trying to help Isabelle with changing her diaper, she slams the door, sends all the diapers away, then pounds on the piano very loudly after Babar refuses to read her a story, but he even gets mad at her and to deal with her later, last, she run away slamming her bedroom door but instead hides in the attic which all goes too far.
  • It's ironic when the kids just want to play with the baby and care for her, Babar accused them of bothering the baby. The exact same thing a woman accused "him" of doing to her baby in the episode "City Ways" when he was Pom, Flora, and Alexander's age.
  • Flora admits that she didn’t like her new room, but it was mainly because it was not next to her parents anymore.


  • In this episode, Flora is terrified of storms but in the episode, The Intruder, she is only startled by the thunder.
  • There is one plot-hole in this episode that doesn't match the storyline in Babar's First Step:
    • When Babar was born he was able to speak his own name and was able to walk, but when Isabelle was born she does not speak or walk at all, in fact she behaves just like a normal baby.
  • The boys tried to hide the paper by sitting on it, but Babar can clearly see it.


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