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Troubadour was the personal assistant to Pompadour, and additionally a subdivision of King Babar's Royal Court. He was only seen in early episodes that portrayed Babar's childhood life and in present time episodes, it is unknown if he still works at the palace still or moved away.


His first appearance was in Babar's Choice where he was assisting Pompadour and Cornelius on helping for the party. He never spoke, and was very observant. He stood at Pompadour's side and listened to every one of his commands. He also appreciated King Babar very much, however Babar seemed to have little control over his actual duties. Troubadour was used a number of times for whenever Pompadour was scheming something mischievous (as seen in The Missing Crown Affair), and could almost be considered a tool at times. He was unusually small and stiff, and he also had a collection of wigs that matched Pompadour's style. Unlike Pompadour, however, he wore a full set of glasses rather one a one-eyed piece monocle.

His main forms of communication were nodding, shaking his head, and occasionally producing a slight "Mmph" sound whenever he was feeling outrageous. Other than that, no audio of him was ever heard. Although identical to Pompadour himself, Troubadour was much less impulsive and contained a lot more internal restrain. He is rarely ever seen around Cornelius, or even the Royal Family. Nevertheless, he has been shown to adore King Babar's children as he hugs them on numerous occasions. Obedient, loyal and respectful, Troubadour was perhaps the only character in the entire series that didn't have some sort of obvious flaw or weakness in him. In retrospect, he was an extremely minor character and much of his presence wasn't even regarded.


  • While Troubadour has made many appearances in Seasons 1-3 (commonly in past tense episodes), he is nowhere to be seen in Seasons 4-6. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • Despite being shorter then Babar and even the children, he is portrayed as an adult even though his age is never mentioned.
  • He is sometimes portrayed as being strong as shown in Babar's Choice and King Tuttle's Vote, as he was able to hold Babar with ease and is able to hold stacks of paper.