Truffles is the palace chef for King Babar's family. He is a very talented but easily annoyed food confectioner, often involved in making extravagant cake recipes and pudding desserts for the Royal Family.

He is extremely short-tempered and also somewhat arrogant of his capabilities. He rivals with the Rhino Chef from Rhinoland in both confidence and in skill. The majority of his frustration comes from whenever he messes up a meal he is trying to make, which appears to be quite often. His attitude may get so out of hand that he would even threaten to quit his job (as shown in "Friendly Agreement"). However, he is on very good terms with Babar himself and usually depends on him to calm down, regardless of the circumstance. He is a little intolerant of Babar's children and portrays minimal affection, or even attention, towards them.

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