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Zephir is a monkey and Babar's good friend. He is also the father of Chiku. He has been a very good friend of Babar since he was a boy, yet like Cornelius and Pompadour, he has not shown much aging.


The pilot episode shows Zephir as a monkey that Babar met as a little elephant, but he wasn't properly introduced until Babar's Choice, where he makes his first speaking appearance. He was to be attending the annual Celesteville ball, Babar decided to spend the night with both Princess Midge and Celeste, but Zephir knew that was not going to work. He even helped Babar retrieve a one of a kind feather from a bird called the weeping wonder bird from way up peak and even chased Rataxes to get it back. When he was a child, he was a prankster and loved fooling around, much to the annoyance of Babar and the Palace staff. In the episode Monkey Business, he says he pranks people because he is bored, so he is put in charge of guarding the Royal Peanut Patch. He does not take his job seriously at first and ends up fooling everyone with a false alarm. When Babar pranks him back however, Zephir is cured of his pranks, but things backfire when the rhinos really show up and destroy the Peanut Patch saved for one bush. As he grew up, he became more responsible, despite the fact that he didn't show much aging like Babar, Celeste, and Arthur. He run The Malt Shop as an adult, where Babar's children enjoy visiting. While he did a change one point from running the shop, he was happy to come back to work there.

While he may have stop being troublesome, he and Arthur still get into mischief such as the time they tried to trick on Conman into thinking his trick plan was true1 or when they tried to trick Celesteville into thinking that there was an alien, even though it was just fireflies2.